Strategic Messaging Framework

A successfully crafted messaging framework is a reference guide for crafting strategic content that is customized for each specific segment of your target audience at any stage in their buying journey.

At SKIP beyond content, our Strategic Messaging Framework is purpose built to become an effective toolkit for customer engagement initiatives used to engage customers at each stage of the buying cycle. Core messages are customized by persona and communicate the WHAT, WHY and HOW of your business and form the foundation for all your content efforts.

Our Messaging Framework represents the synthesization of all the strategic planning that goes into developing a robust marketing strategy. Within each guide are personas and buying stages with the messaging required to develop a marketing flywheel of campaigns, sales enablement content, whitepapers, social posts and website pages. The result is an easy-to-follow guideline for a consistent way to communicate the true value of your business.

SKIP’s process identifies the core components of persona-specific messaging and provides a step-by-step guide for crafting customized messaging and can become the foundation for an enterprise-wide content strategy. This includes:

  • Content Guidelines – Where the customer insight research directly informs messaging laddering that resonates with your audience.
  • Value Proposition – Now communicated in a personalized way allowing customers to imagine how their life will be better and why your brand is uniquely equipped to meet their needs.
  • Brand Positioning – Woven into each stage of the buyers journey and articulated so powerfully that it establishes deep emotional connections for the brands unique benefits.
  • Core Messages – A understanding of the brand uniqueness and communicates the true value of your brand and what motivates your customers to take action.
strategic messgaing frameowork core messages

Our Messaging Framework represents the synthesization of all the strategic planning that goes into developing a robust marketing strategy

How does the Messaging Framework provide better Customer Engagement?

Our process for Strategic Messaging synthesizes your brand’s Value Proposition, Brand Positioning, Customer Personas & Journey Maps into a detailed, thorough, yet easy-to-follow, series of core messages that effectively guide the creation of customized messaging. This messaging is informed by a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and speaks directly to pain points they are experiencing that your brand can alleviate. Content produced using your messaging framework will clearly communicate how your brand will create value for your customer and it will elicit emotional responses that produce deep connections.

  • Designing an email campaign and want leads to attend a webinar? Your messaging framework identifies the key pieces of information that will be most relevant and compelling for that specific audience.
  • Need a series of blog posts to cross promote a new product line extension? Your framework will tell you which benefits to emphasize and in what priority.

Establishing a messaging framework also encourages consistency by providing a touchstone for everyone who works on your brand. This includes innovation & product management teams, sales & marketing and outside vendors. It ensures that all members of your organization are presenting the brand in a consistent and accurate fashion, regardless of the medium, format or platform.

Empower your organization to deliver on its brand promise.

The Strategic Messaging Framework guides those unfamiliar with your business with the different customer segments, their respective needs and pain points, and describes how your brand addresses their problem. The output formally documents all of the strategic elements that are involved in publicly presenting your brand, including your Value Proposition, Brand Positioning, Customer Personas, Purchase Cycle Mapping and Brand Voice. For business growth and maintaining brand consistency, it becomes a valuable tool for anyone looking to achieve revenue targets through sales and marketing.

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