SKIP beyond content™ Launches New Thought Leadership Webinar Solution for B2B Marketers

Philadelphia, PA – Nov 13, 2019 — SKIP beyond content™ (SKIP), a content marketing and communications company providing expertise in the development of demand generation programs centered around thought leadership webinars, has officially launched as of November 2019.

Headed by digital marketing industry veterans Stephen Williams and Chris Finch, SKIP provides business consulting, content strategy and creative development services that deliver high quality leads at scale. With a focus on Aerospace, Transportation and Manufacturing industries, SKIP helps businesses maximize their lead generation and overall sales activities by providing end-to-end production of thought leadership webinars combined with presentation performance coaching.

SKIP’s approach of integrating the most recent advancement in live video technology allows for complex information to be presented in personalized approach delivered  by subject matter experts while remaining deeply engaging across a highly targeted and segmented audience. The result is a best-in-class content marketing solution that functions as an OnDemand personalized sales tool and delivers value to and builds trust with existing and prospective customers.

SKIP co-founder, and former digital agency owner and Chief Creative Officer, Steve Williams believes the timing is perfectly aligned with shifts taking place in the B2B landscape.

“Demand Gen is becoming increasingly more complex and difficult to scale successfully across organizations, especially those with longer sales cycles. In B2B, 70% of prospects have already made their decision to partner or purchase before engaging with a sales team,” states Williams. 

To deliver on this vision, Williams has partnered with agency veteran Chris Finch. After a 15-year career as a digital marketing strategist at several global agencies, Chris most recently spent three years as a management consultant at Deloitte where he was instrumental in launching their content marketing offering. It was at Deloitte Digital that Chris cemented his conviction that customer-centric content is the foundation of the most effective marketing strategies.

“I could not be more excited about joining forces with Steve! The holistic solution we are bringing to the marketplace is unparalleled in the industry. With video becoming the dominant format of content, companies have a massive opportunity to really solidify their relationships with potential and existing customers if they commit to understanding their needs.” says Finch.

“It’s clear that consumption of thought leadership, specifically among decision-makers, is rising rapidly and really impacting how business gets awarded. In turn, marketers are embracing the idea that they can improve the quality of their leads by establishing themselves as a source of trusted content. With thought leadership, you can deliver truly useful information to your customers, but at the same time your brand’s reputation is at stake and you have to get it right the first time because in this highly competitive environment you really don’t get a second chance.”

About SKIP beyond content

SKIP’s mission is to become the premiere partner for B2B companies looking to increase lead volume and quality. SKIP builds demand gen solutions that have, at their core, detailed and highly informative thought leadership content in the form of live, interactive webinars.

SKIP builds customer-centric content strategies that are designed to inform customer engagement activities at the enterprise and brand levels. Using the flywheel model, SKIP leverages long form webinar content to create a library of multi-format assets that fuel omni-channel campaigns designed to drive customer engagement at scale. While generating a high volume of qualified leads, this model also serves as a forcing function to drive harmonization and alignment across marketing and sales processes.

SKIP is a privately-owned company headquartered in Philadelphia. For more information on SKIP services contact us at 610.636.5774, or visit us online at

“SKIP beyond content” is a registered trademark of SKIP beyond content LLC.