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Shae Wilkins - Revolutionizing Clinical Trials using AI

In this episode, we discuss the groundbreaking use of AI in clinical trials, where advancements enable better decision-making and capture high-quality data, ultimately contributing to the successful submission of clinical trials. (40 mins)


Frank Angiolelli - Cyber Security Operations & Managing Your SOC

This episode we discuss enterprise cyber security protection and threat detection. By trade Frank Angiolelli is a cyber security professional and considered an industry thought leader in the world of Cyber Security Operations. (52 mins)


Presentations Using Insights Selling - Captivating Your Buyers Virtually
In this episode, Steve explores Insights Based Selling as a customer engagement strategy to generate value for prospects throughout the sales cycle. This is for anyone working on a webinar or industry based presentation looking to bring clarity to the challenge and potential solution. (58 mins)

The Violin Club | Ep 07

Journey Selling Using Smart Room Technologies (Sales 2.0)
In this episode, our guest is Bill Butler & CEO of ‘Journey Sales’ and we discuss Smart Rooms and Journey Selling. Topics includes customer engagement, Sales 2.0, account based selling and how to target high-value accounts using a multi-channel sales strategy. (48 mins)


Customer Engagement Initiatives that Drive Commercial Objectives
In this episode, Steve interviews Chris on the current state of business during Covid-19, discussing how customer engagement activities drive revenue by leveraging a keen understanding of your target audience and the harmonized process steps that guide critical decisions. (39 mins)

The Violin Club | Ep 05

MISSION SUCCESS: A Virtual Event Action Plan

If you run a business that relies on in-person communications to move leads through your sales pipeline and looking to transition this to virtual customer engagement, we've created an action plan designed to help your company survive the next 90 days. (38 mins)


Paul Compton - Transforming automotive using expanded polymers!
In this episode, we take a drive into the world of automotive manufacturing through the lens of expanded polymers and materials. Guest Paul Compton is a future focused leader that uses a mission command style and customer centric approach that was and remains truly ahead of its time. (58 mins)

The Violin Club | Ep 03

Meet Chris Finch SKIP Co-Founder
In this episode, Steve interviews his business partner and co-founder of SKIP, Chris Finch. Chris discusses the current state of content marketing and the important roles that webinars and thought leadership play in a comprehensive content marketing strategy. (41 mins)

The Violin Club | Ep 02

Meet Steve Williams SKIP Co-Founder
In this episode, Chris interviews co-founder of SKIP, Steve Williams. Steve shares his vision for the company and why he believes this is a great time to be in marketing along with some specific opportunities that exist for B2B marketers. (46 mins)

The Violin Club | Ep 01