Presentations Using Insights Selling - Captivating Your Buyers Virtually

In this episode, Steve explores Insights Based Selling as a customer engagement strategy to generate value for prospects throughout the sales cycle. This is for anyone working on a webinar or industry based presentation looking to bring clarity to the challenge and potential solution. (58 mins)


Insights Selling Presentations are designed to help buyers make better and informed decisions while supporting all forms of engagement. This episode will be of interest to anyone in a sales role, whether you’re a veteran looking for a new tool to add to your kit or new to the game, and we include some straightforward, tactical guidance on how to get started. 

  • What is Insights Selling?
  • Accelerating the sales cycle with Insights Selling. (6:04 )
  • The importance of knowing your customer’s buying process. (13:17)
  • How to rise above the noise with Insights Selling and storytelling. (21:16)
  • When does the selling process begin? (35:35)
  • Using thought leadership to drive engagement. (48:20)
  • Measuring the impact of Insights Selling through virtual presentations. (53:06)