Paul Compton - Transforming automotive using expanded polymers!

In this episode, we take a drive into the world of automotive manufacturing through the lens of expanded polymers and materials. Guest Paul Compton is a future focused leader that uses a mission command style and customer centric approach that was and remains truly ahead of its time. (58 mins)

Key Topics Discussed:

  • (02:18 mins) Paul’s Background.
  • (05:20 mins) Using expanded polymers in automotive manufacturing.
  • (08:20 mins) Transforming a global brand by replacing a commodity material.
  • (10:47 mins) Measuring marketing versus sales.
  • (14:30 mins) Brand differentiation and adopting digital transformation.
  • (18:44 mins) Success and KPI’s.
  • (24:00 mins) Eureka moments – what inspires them.
  • (30:00 mins) Operating a business across a dozen languages.
  • (31:50 mins) Using Thought Leadership content to drive sales.
  • (38:02 mins) ARPRO Adventure – Conferences delivering WOW within themes.
  • (47:01 mins) Integrating with FC Barcelona & Camp Nou – One team one vision.
  • (49:45 mins) Leadership style and key influences.
  • (56:30 mins) Signature question – How has marketing influenced how you see the world.