SKIP beyond content launches new online resource for B2B Marketers

Targeting professionals in the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Transportation sectors, the site provides marketing teams with a combination of strategic guidance and tactical examples for building and managing customer engagement programs.

Loaded with useful tips and applicable advice, has been designed specifically for B2B marketers who are looking to improve the performance of their Demand Generation efforts.

“When we launched SKIP last year, we saw an opportunity to address significant gaps in the B2B space,” says Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Finch.

“Most companies are still experimenting, trying to figure out effective methods to engage their customers in a way that moves beyond a purely transactional relationship. B2B organizations, in particular, are not accustomed to producing the volume or quality of content that their customers have come to expect.”

“What Steve and I really wanted to do was show our network we can deliver real value and still make it fun.”

“Our goal with this web site is to educate our network by offering up a repository of content that our customers might find useful and be able to learn from and apply their learnings to their own business.”

While the web site provides basic background information on SKIP and its founders, it also functions as general guide for marketers, from Product Managers to CMOs, who are responsible for designing and running customer engagement and lead generation programs.

The Services section provides a blueprint for creating the assets that make up the strategic foundation of a customer engagement program(BUILD), a series of tactics for driving engagement (PRESENT) and the key elements for building out a content marketing program (SCALE). The Resources section is a treasure trove of insightful thought leadership and applicable how-to content that includes detailed blogs on such topics as account based marketing, measuring the impact of content marketing and tips for launching a webinar program.

The Violin Club Podcast – Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Also included is SKIP’s ongoing podcast series, The Violin Club, which includes interviews with fellow marketers as well as deep dives by Steve and Chris into such topics as developing an action plan for moving to virtual events and how to ensure your customer engagement programs are driving commercial objectives. All presented with a disarming and wry sense of humor that pervades the entire site, suggesting that the founders of SKIP, while clearly experts in the space, enjoy what they do and have fun doing it.

Putting together this site was truly a labor of love,” says Steve Williams, Chief Creative Office. “We saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate to our clients how important it is to produce content that delivers value to customers and also as a way to express our personalities.

“When you work with SKIP, you’re working directly the co-founders so it’s important who we are is well presented.”

“We take our jobs seriously and nothing is more important than delivering results for our clients, but we also really enjoy the work and we want our clients to have fun working with us.

“We were also very fortunate to have had the support of two other local companies. Magnus Sepp and his team over at Insane Lab who were a huge help in building a site that posed some pretty large technical challenges. On the video production, Mike Fanelle and his team at Parralux did an amazing job of putting together the video which perfectly captures the energy we try to bring to every project we work on.”

About SKIP beyond content

SKIP beyond contenthelps businesses grow by strengthening their relationships with both existing customers and prospects. SKIP’s solutions drive customer acquisition and loyalty by delivering deeply engaging content and thought leadership to your customers through a series of tactics, including content marketing, webinars and rich media presentations.

SKIP is a privately-owned company headquartered in Philadelphia. For more information on SKIP services contact us at 201.951.6907,