Customer Purchase Journey

Customer Journey Mapping is the process of creating a customer buyers journey which is a visual story of your ideal customers interactions with your brand.

The customer journey map uses storytelling and visuals to illustrate the relationship a customer has with a business over a period of time. This output helps businesses step into their customer’s shoes and see their business from the customer’s perspective. The output of this information helps to improve customer retention, through understanding how they transit through, say, each stage of a procurement cycle to ensure the correct information is available and accessible to all stakeholders.

How does using the Customers Journey Mapping get me more sales and customers?

  • Journey maps are typically organized by customer stages (sometimes referred to as phases). Each stage represents a major goal your customer is trying to achieve in their overall journey.
  • You should build a customer journey map with stages that represent your customer’s goal-oriented journey, not your internal process steps. So once you’ve defined your persona, you have to identify the stages of the customer’s journey.
  • Define how, when and where they: discover your company, research your products or services, choose you over competitors, purchase from you, and maintain a relationship with you.

How do the Customer Journey Maps guide what messages should be communicated?

Journey Maps are used to identify which strategic messages should be delivered to perspective customers at specific points along the purchase path. Based on the persona, define the stages that your customer experiences with you over time. Start with the detailed visualization of the various steps in the decision-making process involved in selectingsuppliers. Then include the different buying stages, the participants and influencers involved in the decision-making process, each potential touchpoints or interaction during the buying process, and the participant’s informational needs at each stage.

Customer Journey Maps help connect you with your future customers.

Customer journey maps aid in building empathy for customers which ultimately helping brands understand what buyers want and how they could feel. By documenting each step, it gives businesses a way of getting into their customers’ heads and gain valuable insight to understanding common customer pain points.

It also isn’t anything you can assume or predict based on your own experiences. A customer journey map is very specific to the actual experiences your customers have and possibly the best way to understand their needs.

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