CMO Consultants (Part-time CMO)

Looking for a part-time CMO or in-house Consultant for any of your immediate projects, and long term marketing needs?

SKIP consists of two partners, “Chris Finch” and “Steve Williams. Two “HIGHLY” skilled and Seasoned marketing professionals that use their combined skills to deliver turnkey strategic and creative campaign solutions that help “DRIVE” business sales, and support overall marketing efforts.

Chris Finch (left brain]

Chris Finch is an “experienced” marketer and digital Strategist and comes with over twenty years of architecting customer-centric marketing programs. At SKIP, Chris handles the upfront Strategy Work such:

  • Brand Positioning & Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Engagement Insights
  • Personas with Journey Mapping
  • Content Messaging Framework

Steve Williams (right brain)

Steve Williams has extensive agency experience and is a multi-award winning Creative Director with a trained eye for building brands. At SKIP, Steve helps to drive many of the strategic thinking and campaign ideas across a variety of formats including:

  • Virtual Demonstrations & Presentations
  • Customer Engagement Programs
  • Presentation Decks with Performance Coaching
  • Increased Customer Usage & User Adoption Programs.

SKIP believes that performance and inspiration happens when both left and right brain are used. As your CMO consultant, our left brain thinking is analytical, uses insight-driven content and is strategic by nature. Our right brain mixes creative with innovative ideas to deliver compelling customer experiences!

  • Strategic Messaging Framework-build