Buyer Personas

Customer Personas (also known as Buyer Personas) are detailed representations of your target customer based on data and research.

SKIP are experts consultants at identifying the ideal customer personas that validate the provide context for your company. The output is a structure with personalized preferences and informational needs that make it easier to map out a customer engagement initiatives that maximize your team’s time and resources which achieving internal alignment across organizations. The deliverable is a detailed profile of key members of your target audience that are involved in the buying process.

How should I use Buyer Personas to help scale my brand?

Insights gained from creating Buyer Personas is typically used to create customized messaging designed to:

  1. Improve the engagement with perspective customers
  2. Progress leads through the purchasing cycle faster
  3. Increase the percentage of leads that convert over to sales qualified leads

How does using Buyer Personas provide better Customer Engagement?

Learning about your ideal customer and their goals, objectives, challenges and methods to solve this helps provide a strategy framework that’s highly targeted to your most valuable visitors, prospects and customers. Personas will include title, job responsibilities, role in the decision-making continuum, informational needs and preferences, pain points related to the purchasing process, and potential barriers to selecting their chosen brand.

This insight is used to create content that builds trust and affinity with your brand which leads to a higher volume of more qualified leads.

How does using Buyer Personas help to solve a problem?

To ensure that the messaging has the desired effect, Buyer Personas help define what we want prospects to…

think, as they consume the content we deliver to them at each touchpoint along the customer journey
feel, as as a result of the thoughts we generate
do, in response to the feelings we inspire

Research includes user interviews and contextual inquiries, workshops and surveys to understand actual personas along with their needs, expectations and objectives. To do this effectively, it also helps to identify key information in the Customer Personas referred to as “Core Inputs.” Prioritized Core Inputs involves juggling the many inputs and opinions of stakeholders into three categories of High Priority, Medium Priority & Low Priority.

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