Journey Selling Using Smart Room Technologies (Sales 2.0)

In this episode, our guest is Bill Butler & CEO of ‘Journey Sales’ and we discuss Smart Rooms and Journey Selling. Topics includes customer engagement, Sales 2.0, account based selling and how to target high-value accounts using a multi-channel sales strategy. (48 mins)

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Digital Transformation – The synergy between Marketing & Sales. (07:03)
  • Customer Engagement – The importance of measuring content. (10:30)
  • What is a “Smart Room” and the science of selling. (20:00)
  • Collaborative Selling – How it increases conversions. (27:40)
  • Account Based Marketing – It’s Account Based Everything! (34:53)
  • Predictions – What’s the future of marketing & selling? (46:21)